An MVC 6 demo

I am a classic Web Page. I want to show you, I can co-exist with MVC 5 areas and Web API inside the same application / Visual Studio project.


Web Pages + MVC 5 + Web API = MVC 6
Web Pages MVC 5      Web API
HTML Helpers
  Model Binding
  Dependency Resolver

ASP.NET Web Form

A demo with the sample Adventure Works database, a List View and  an Object Data source (MVC 5 nodel)

Try List View »

MVC Area

Another demo with Adventure Works database plus a very deft React search.

Try MVC View and React »

MS Web API docs

Autogenerated  demo API documentation

View Web API docs »

Swagger docs

Swagger can run within VS side by side with Microsoft WebAPI Help Page.

View Swagger docs »